Friday, January 28, 2011

Things were said to have written much stronger

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I am thinking of writing something today, just let the writing speak and write on it today. Verify your afraid of speaking in front of someone's address in front of him not saying do this is that sometimes we forget to say I think to do this "writing is much strength to tell" We forget the things we were told was written Recalls I have lots of example which i feel :-

Tongue does not speak to anyone like he can not say if it's written only explains
some time we can't ask question in front of teacher than we can write it on to copy. writer have special quality it is writing he can explain whole the world and can explain feeling and more thing.

Written purpose is easy as compare to saying as i think . if i will say in front of any girl "I LOVE YOU" than what happen some question in my mind she will accept purpose or not , she can scold me and say "himat kaise hui tumari" and some girl say i will think about it . we are in afraid state that time . so i want to say if we will purpose in written way than we can't afraid as such as spoken.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


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We Can't control our feeling. it's come automatically some feeling . i am very difficulty to say about feeling so i will tell you after some time ...

Don't wait tomorrow it's evil

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This is general thing we all are waiting tomorrow . we have to start new work from tomorrow. we think today time has gone . our mind also tell us ya you should do tomorrow now enjoy and tomorrow never come as we know than our work left we don't success in our life because of tomorrow. actually we are making our life in darkness because we don't want our work should be finish at right time . when our work load increased than we are going to tension , frustration and other -ev think come from our mind. after that all body are going to suicide. Tomorrow thing is very bed thing it is evil of our life so Don't wait tomorrow do now.

In Hindi we all are say :)

Kaal kare so aj kar aj kare so ab
pal me parlay aaegi bahuri karego kab

Do Now :)

Art of Living Family

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Great Experience in Art of Living (yes+) course . I went Bangalore Asarm before 6 month Ago For Art of Living ( Yes + ) course that time i was hunting job. one of my brother told me Viru you should go for " Yes +" course because you are in tension and all .
Really that time I was in tension , frustrate and In -ve thinking. I thought there is mediation and Yoga are not for me it's only for old person but my brother said you go now i will pay your money . i was thinking what else going in Art of living. that time I came bangalore 15 days ago and i had no place for properly living . before start Yes + course I got PG i didn't settle in that pg and i went bangalore asarm . I learned many thing from Yes + course . how to get into relax and calm . only think present.
i got the key of Happy . how to become happy .
Sadhana and some other stuff i learned from that. i found great group form Yes+ . In Asarm All person are looking happy. they all are cool guys . after i finished course. i felt i am be happy . Don't think past and future. live present movement only it will gone after this movement so live with the happiness .

When I came back in PG that time i felt very good i can do any thing else even i do . I met with new friends . I settled in PG .
I did sadhana regularly day by day but it was not regularly with me but i was very . i didn't do sadhana after 10 days. I was searching regularly job with + ve thinking . if i didn't crack the interview than i didn't feel bed . i made to understand my mind it's happening don't worry i will get perfect job .
I did mistake in that time i was not regular with sadhana but after all i got a Accenture call . i went pune for interview . i was very happy because i was going for visiting not for interview . but when i faced written than i cracked paper then 2nd round was group discussion topic was " How to influence indian culture to Western Culture" That time my mind had some idea about Art of Living . Art of Living our culture . i discussed in Art of living topic . i got selected because of Art of Living
Thanks to Art of Living .

After All i thought about my life than I went again do yes + course for keep in touch
Now i am doing all sadhana as I learned

Art of Living

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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Your Life

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Your Life depends on state of your mind. what is going on your mind . if we think wrong than wrong will happen.
our mind have different state as like happy , angry ... etc
So if we are happy than all think will be right. every thing will on good safe.
if we are angry than every thing happen wrong. if we are on angry state than we will take breath fast . that's wrong.
if we want every thing happen in my life should be right than we take normal breath.
Breath is the important thing of our life . if we take properly breath in and out than our life will be good

Thursday, February 4, 2010

माँ से बेटे की जुदाई

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=========== ये कविता में पूरी जिंदगी लिखता रहूँगा =============

देखो ये कैसी है जिंदगी
दिखाते है हम ऐसी है ये जिंदगी

( जिंदगी शुरू होती है माँ के पेट से )

पेट में भी हम खेला करते है
हम उसमे भी रोया करते है
हम माँ से नौ महीने लगे होते है
अब पहली जुदाई आती है
और नल कट दी जाती है

देखो ये पहली छोर है जिंदगी

( अब समय आता है रोने धोने और माँ के दुलार का )

हम दूध पीते जाते है
और रोते रोते सोते है
और इन तीन साल माँ के पास रोज होते है
वह बड़ा होता जाता है
और माँ से दूर होता जाता है

देखो ये दूसरी छोर है जिंदगी

( माँ की बेटे से जुदाई का ६ घंटे का समय )

अब माँ को टेंशन आती है
बेटा रोते रोते स्कुल जाता है
अद्यापक जिंदगी में आते है
वह पढ़ता चला जाता है
और बड़ा होता जाता है
माँ से दूर होता चला जाता है

देखो ये तीसरी छोर है जिंदगी

( माँ की बेटे से जुदाई का समय बढ़ता जाता है )

बेटा टी वी देखा करता है
अब टी वी के साथ दोस्त जिंदगी में आते है
उनके साथ खेला करता है
माँ से दूर होता जाता है

देखो ये चोथी छोर है जिंदगी

(अब बच्चा १० साल का हो जाता है और बहुत बदमास होता है तो फिर )

अब माँ को टेंशन बेटे की होती है
और बेटे को अपनी होती है
बेटा करे बदमाशी तो पापा गुस्सा होते है
और बोर्डिंग भेजा करते है

(अब माँ का जुदाई का समय और बढ़ते जाता है )

माँ रोते रोते पला भारती है
और बेटा सिसकते सिसकते जाता है
माँ जुदाई में आहे भरा कराती है
बेटे को गुस्सा आता है
माँ को सुनाता जाता है

( अब बेटे की जिंदगी में आता है कुछ नया मोड़ )

जब वो पढ़ के घर की और आता है
माँ का बहुत प्यार वो पता है
माँ खुश होती जाती है
और बेटा बड़ा होता जाता है
और माँ से दूर वो जाता है

देखो ये पांचवी छोर है जिंदगी

बेटा सपने पाला करता है
बनू इंजिनियर या फिर कुछ और ये सोचता चला जाता है
और बेटा बड़ा होता जाता है
और माँ से दूर होता जाता है

अभी मैं इतना बड़ा हुआ हु ...